WTF!?! Where’s The Flow?!?

The flow I refer to is similar to what happens in those rich and profound moments in life while watching a sunset or engaging in sports, performance, creative expression or other activities where we feel at ease, blissful, radiant, alive. In these moments of optimal and peak performance, we can feel a sense of wholeness, connection and that all is well in the universe.

Flow is a natural state arising from a place of listening, receiving, being. We can cultivate, nourish and encourage a way of living where more and more flow becomes a natural expression of who we are and what we do.

When I first saw the Volkswagen commercial called Synchronicity years ago, I remember the feeling I felt and how well I thought the idea of flow was expressed.

The music, the rhythms of life, dancing, flowing together… 🎶 🙂 🌈


Activities such as sports, the arts or other activities where your full attention is required does engage your body, mind and spirit in a focused way with specific intent. The activities of our daily life are similar with their focus and intent. Even things such as writing an email, cooking a meal, engaging in conversation or caring for a child can be very creative acts full of spontaneity and action requiring the fullness of your attention and being.

At  times our attention can be scattered as we attempt to multi-task and do things in a more pushed/forced/mental way where the joy, pleasure, spontaneity and creativity can be limited or non-existent. A shift of attention from too much focus on the outcome/goal back to the activity and journey of the moment can begin to invite more flow.


Flow is an indicator of how we move through life. In one moment life can feel easy and free, and in the next, full of resistance, blocks, or everywhere in between. Flow just is, no good or bad, right or wrong, all part of the dance of life.

With our attention, awareness and willingness we can reduce limitations and suffering we may be coming up against over and over again.  Patterns can arise where we unknowingly keep reacting in the same or similar manner limiting our flow, expansion and conscious evolution. Awareness of limiting patterns is a step to greater flow and well-being.

We can meet life in a way encouraging and inviting flow instead of impeding and blocking a more graceful and elegant unfolding. Flow relates to our sense of wholeness. As we live with greater harmony, balance and conscious embodiment, flow arises more naturally in our day-to-day lives.


My journey has been and continues to be a layered and spiraled process with elements I return to again and again, yet different each time, more nuanced and refined with new revelations and deeper knowings. Here are a few discoveries and what I continue explore.

~ Essence is key: cultivating, consolidating, remembering, knowing thy Self.
~ Cultivating your ability to sense and feel yourself is essential to conscious evolution, embodiment, creativity, flow, self-expression and well-being (= optimal living = thriving).
~  The 3 centers of Head, Heart & Hara  are key to cultivating harmony, balance, wholeness and well-being.
~ Breath is an indicator of flow & well-being.
~ Creativity & flow are natural expressions of our inner listening, receptivity & being.
~ You have your own natural gifts and often just giving time and space to listen, receive, nourish and nurture what’s present allows for creativity and expression to flow.
~ Movement & Sound are wonderful ways to express, enliven and inhabit our being, enriching our body, mind & spirit.
~ Fitness can be done in a way of effortless effort instead of no pain, no gain.
~ Natural movement builds a wholistic strength & fluidity, intelligence, complexity, greater brain integration, neuroplasticity & vagal tone creating a dynamic, responsive, resilient & versatile system.
~ You are perfect who you are and where you are in life right now. You are not a self-improvement project. Be gentle, kind to self, others and world.
~You are on your own unique journey and there are many paths to play on. You may find things of interest here and you may not, it’s all good, find what speaks to you, if anything, use what resonates & inspires, let go of the rest.
~ Openness, willingness, welcoming to what’s here in the moment, listening, feeling what is as is assists to resolve limiting patterns, conditioning and beliefs and leads to greater creativity, flow, conscious embodiment and evolution.
~ Our thoughts, feelings, speech (inner/outer) and actions have power. We are part of a greater whole. The energy of our thoughts, feelings and actions are moving through the cells, molecules, atoms and quantum particles of our being, out to the field around us and beyond.

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