Upcoming Series starts December 5, 2020

Isolation, Chaos, Control <–> Connection, Harmony, Flow


A 7 Week Journey of Inquiry, Play, Discovery & Revelation

We Explore 7 Essential E’s of Extreme Well-Being to Flow, Thrive, Create



Each week a new Essential E to explore. Includes a live weekly gathering via Zoom (replays available) with overview & experience of the plays for the week, time for discussion, Q&A.

Each Essential E really contains all 7. Each has a specific emphasis and supports the next in a layered and spiraled play. 7 Unique facets create a synergistic whole.


I use dancing as a metaphor here. Dance invites a sense of exploration, possibilities, discovery, joy, a lightness of being and co-creation with what is.

Polarities are two sides of a coin, one does not exist without the other. Can we dance with both ends of the spectrum and all in between from a place of unity not division? At the individual level within our body-mind and in relationship with the world around us.

Each moment’s a choice. The Play of Polarities gives us opportunities all day long. Can we choose a Dance with the Unknown with more play, joy, fun, vitality, wholeness and fullness of expression?


December 5, 2020 – January 16, 2021
Saturdays, 11 AM – Noon PST (US)

$99 for 7 Weeks



The intention for this journey is to cultivate your inner resource of harmony, balance, creativity and flow for all facets of life: your daily activities, fitness, wellness, creative expression, work, relationships. The Essential E’s are foundational principles you can bring to your inner and outer life.

WEEK 1 EASE ~ A perfect one to begin with as the tension in our body-mind often goes untended. We slow down and bring awareness with gentle, kind, light attention to the moments unfolding and meet limiting imprints and conditioning. We become aware of patterns of over-doing, using too much effort, pushing ourselves, and invite more ease, curiosity, wonder and play.

Polarities include:
Ease ~ Unease
Pleasure ~ Discomfort
Rest ~ Action

Plays explore breath & state of being; eyes, face & affect on whole system; vagal tone

WEEK 2 ESSENCE ~ We go deeper into the stillness of our being. the essence at our core, a natural calm, a gentle meeting place where wholeness and completeness always are.

Polarities include:
Being ~ Doing
Inside ~ Outside
Focus ~ Distraction

Plays explore Ground of Being, Being Heart Presence, Head/Heart/Hara

WEEK 3 EMBRACE ~ We welcome ALL of ourselves, every particle and cell of our being. We acknowledge past, present and future selves, the gifts we are and have been to others, the gifts we’ve received. Simple daily plays offered to nourish; nurturing yourself with kind, gentle and welcome tending.

Polarities include:
Respect ~ Judgment
Unconditional ~ Conditional
Giving ~ Receiving
Intention ~ Agenda

Plays explore conscious language, thoughts, actions, perception, self-judgment; Embracing All of You, power of touch, self as love, honoring

WEEK 4 EMBODY ~ As we embrace our physical form with appreciation and love, a deeper inhabitation emerges with heightened sensitivity and present moment awareness. Our navigation shifts from one externally directed and reactive to internally inspired and responsive from intuitive knowing. We can feel more safety and security in our bodies, our environment and the world around us.

Polarities include:
Inside ~ Outside
Wholeness ~ Fragmentation
Micro ~ Macro

Plays explore sense of hereness, cultivating sensitivity, skin/space, tensegrity, power of piezo, micro/macro sounds/movements

WEEK 5 ENJOY ~ This ‘E’ was originally EXPRESS. As I explored and played with different forms of expression, I found when I enjoy and play without expectations or attachment to outcomes soulful expression with alignment and flow naturally happen. We express in different ways: from conditioned patterns that feel limiting and constrictive to joyful expansive flow where we enjoy the pleasure and mystery of the moment. What feels supportive, nurturing and nourishing in one moment can shift to something else in the next. This spectrum of expression is explored in different ways (writing, art, music, sound, movement, play, making a meal) done in the spirit of joy, just for the fun of it, not goal-driven or attached to outcome.

Polarities include:
Flow ~ Resistance
Effortless Effort ~ Control
Resonance ~ Dissonance

Plays explore the cerebellum, intuition & play, heart flow, your passion play – writing, drawing, sound, movement, song, dance, music, performance, plays with non-dominance – activities, writing, drawing, sports

WEEK 6 EMPOWER ~ So many times in life we give our power away to things outside ourselves and within ourselves (limiting beliefs, stories, memories). Often unknowingly the subtle constrictions in our systems are missed, ignored, repressed, jumped over. These constrictions can be gateways, portals to power, a reclaiming, a remembrance of your greater Self, always here and available at the core of your being; a quiet loving presence, a strong, vital, whole, complete, honoring, nourishing resource to return to again and again.

Polarities include:
Power ~ Force
Expansive ~ Contractive
Unified ~ Separate

Plays explore awareness of patterns/triggers when power is given/taken, compassionate neutral presence, wholeness, integrity, alignment

WEEK 7 EVOLVE ~ An evolutionary dance is always ongoing, at the quantum and microscopic levels on upwards to your cells, organs, systems, your whole being, to individuals, families, communities, countries, worlds and beyond. All playing and dancing together, each with their unique song playing through them. As you tune to this flow, your song, you sense, feel, know the way, the path revealed, an appreciation for the unknown and what presents.

Polarities include:
Syntropy ~ Entropy
Harmony ~ Chaos
Openness ~ Isolation

Plays explore the evolutionary moment, curiosity, wonder, awe, discovery, gifts of the moment, living in openness & possibility, Syntropy, Entropy & Dynamic Balance – tuning to flow, the feedback & feedforward of heart presence

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As with all the plays, explorations and suggestions offered during this journey, do what inspires for as little or as long as you choose. Most of the plays can be done in a few minutes here and there throughout the day. Upon awakening in the morning and before sleep are good times too. Do what’s most supportive, nourishing and nurturing.

The primary exploration for this series is play from the inside-out.
Additional support from the outside-in is suggested below:

~ nature time, sunshine, fractal tuning in nature/near water
~ daily stillness, movement, writing
~ intuitive living/eating, reduced eating window/natural intermittent fasting, fast for 1 or more days, fasting-mimicking diet
~ honoring your system in whatever ways are most supportive: rest, sleep, good nourishment in forms of food, baths, epsom salts, essential oils, massage
~ awareness of your relationship to technology – email, text, social media, video streaming
~ nature indoors: rocks, plants, crystals/salt lamps, water, images
~ clean living: use of products which are plant-based without chemicals as much as possible for cleaning products, soaps, detergents, body cleansers, lotions, shampoo/conditioner, make-up, foods – local, organic, seasonal as much as possible


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Threads of Love Calendars Now Available!

2021: A Year to THRIVE, FLOW, CREATE!

Each month a new theme with Words about the Theme and Plays to Explore.

See the Themes and Calendar Text.


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