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Upcoming Series, Special Offer from the Somatic Summit, $99  for 7 Weeks coming in November.

A 7 Week Journey through the 7 Essential E’s of Extreme Well-Being

~ Each week a new Essential E to explore. Includes a live weekly gathering via Zoom with suggested plays for the week and time for discussion and Q&A.

~ Each Essential E really contains all 7, each has a specific emphasis and supports the next.
7 Unique facets creating a synergistic whole.

WEEK 1 EASE ~ A perfect one to begin with as the tension in our bodies and minds often goes untended. We bring awareness with gentle light attention to the moments unfolding and address survival patterns and conditioning. We become aware of patterns of over-doing, using too much effort, pushing ourselves beyond healthy limits, and invite more ease, curiosity, wonder and play.

WEEK 2 ESSENCE ~ We go deeper into the stillness of our being. the essence at our core, the deep love we are, a gentle meeting place where wholeness and completeness always are.

WEEK 3 EMBRACE ~ We welcome ALL of ourselves, every particle and cell of our being. We acknowledge past, present and future selves, the gifts we are and have been to others, the gifts we’ve received. Simple daily plays offered to nourish, nurture yourself with kind, gentle and welcome tending.

WEEK 4 EMBODY ~ As we embrace our physical form with appreciation and love, a deeper inhabitation emerges with heightened sensitivity and  present moment awareness. Our navigation shifts from one of external direction and reaction to internal inspiration and intuitive knowing. We can feel more safety and security in our bodies and our environment.

WEEK 5 ENJOY ~ We become aware of when we express in different ways: from conditioned patterns that feel limiting and from joyful expansive flow where we enjoy the pleasant feelings and sensations accompanying the moment’s unfolding.

WEEK 6 EMPOWER ~ So many times in life we give our power away to things outside ourselves & often unknowingly the subtle constrictions in our systems are mostly missed, ignored, repressed, jumped over. These constrictions can be gateways, portals to power, a reclaiming, a remembrance of your greater Self, always here and available at the core of your being, a simple loving presence, quiet, strong, vital, whole, complete, honoring, nourishing.

WEEK  7 EVOLVE ~ An evolutionary dance is always ongoing, at the quantum and microscopic levels on upwards  to individuals, families, communities, countries, worlds and beyond. All playing and dancing together, each with their unique song playing through them. As we tune to this flow we sense, feel, know the way, the path revealed, an appreciation for the unknown and what presents.

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Threads of Love Calendars Coming Soon!

2021: A Year to FLOW, THRIVE, CREATE!

Each month a new theme with Words about the Theme and Plays to Explore.


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