being human

Now’s the time where humanity makes an extraordinary evolutionary leap from doing based on fear, control, lack and division to being human ~ a return to and remembering our natural state where peace, freedom, unity, truth, beauty, love, compassion, honoring, diversity, inclusivity, creativity, abundance and flow reign.

The universe is a coherent unified interwoven field of flow where we all play our part, each one’s uniqueness a gift contributing to the whole. The more we dance and move in harmony with ourselves, others, the world around us and beyond, the better we can ride the waves of change and thrive together with greater joy, flow, fun, peace, love, ease and grace.

To be or not to be is a choice in each moment.

The digital works shown below are NFTs for sale.
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be beginning being beauty baby birth born breathe brain body bud billions beloved beam brightness brilliant bliss breath blooms blossoms buoyancy balance breakthrough bridge brave buddy butterfly breeze birds benevolent bright blessed buoyant bountiful beneficent beyond bitchin’ bodacious bold badass broadband beautiful brilliance beckoning belonging basking budding blooming blossoming balancing building broadening bridging bonding bringing blessings beaming becoming


imagine invite intend inspire illumine indwell initiate immerse infuse intimate interact invoke inhale integrate impart inform intuit illuminate improvise innovate illustrate invest include input increase innerstand indwelling invocation innocence invitation initiation intimacy imagination intention intuition instinct inspiration immersion intensity information interconnections integrity improvisation interaction innovation intelligence insight integration independence interdependence illumination impeccability invincibility instant interest individual icon investment inside illusion input infinity inclusivity immortality intuitive intimate impeccable invincible informative indomitable incomparable impartial independent interconnected interdependent intense inspired instantaneous insightful interesting iconic illustrious illumine integral inner internal individual innocent inclusive indigenous infinite ineffable illusive ironic international immortal


grace goodness god god-self glory gentleness gaia garden gracious giving galore gleaming gilded generous grand genteel genuine globality groundbreaking groovy gorgeous glamorous glorified gallant galvanized generative glorious gentle gregarious guileless grateful glad genuine glimmer glitter glow gratitude genius gem gold gallantry glamour game generation galvanize giving glee generate global gateway


ubiquitous union unity united unified ubuntu unification unconditional ultimate upliftment undefeated unlimited universal urbane unique unfolding uber unwinding unwavering unabashedly unfettered uphold understanding utmost unbridled uniqueness uplift unconventional utopia universe


all awe appreciation adventure acknowledgement alliance acceptance accessible altruistic attentive absorbing agile aglow alchemical autonomy affable adept adoring ally appreciate ace arrow attention amor attunement acknowledge achievement acclaim abound activate affirm always auspicious autonomous antenna anatomy absorbing amusing adventurous adorable angelic alignment adapt abide ancient angle aloha alchemy achieve accept awesome angel aware awesomeness arrive align attract amazement alive awareness authentic action awake art aesthetic attention allow artful abundance above amplify abracadabra aliveness artisanal ambrosia available aspire aqua amuse adore ascend anchor


essence epic eyes efflorescence environment emotions empathy equality emancipation empowerment eunoia ecology exchange effortlessness elegance excellence expertise elan enthusiasm entheos expression entertainment enigma existence ease enjoyment excitement elation expansion energy experience embodiment exploration evolution engagement encouragement enlightenment exhilaration enchantment ebullience euphoria ecstasy eros epiphany eminence exaltation effervescence education empyrean exhale engender exist emanate ease explore embody emote experience engage evolve embrace exchange expand emancipate empower excite excel effort embellish enamour endear enthuse express entertain enrapture envelope enjoy energize educate encourage enable enhance enrich enliven enlighten excel elevate exalt emanate enfold enthrall enchant ennoble emerge exhilarate enhance entrust equal empathic external ecological euphoric effortless exciting excellent enamored endearing exceptional enthusiastic empowered ephemeral easeful exuberant energized effulgent encouraged enlightened enlivened engaging enveloping enigmatic exalted exceptional elegant ecstatic electric exponential effervescent eloquent elegant enchanted exemplary exuberant exquisite extra endearing exhilarating empyreal ever enough eternal


nestle near nurture nourish newborn noble natural nursing navigate nature nectar nutrition nourishment nurse now noble neighborly nonconformist nexus nirvana neutrality neighbor nurturance nudges new nowness navigation nimble nutritious nuanced novel neutral normal next naked numinous noetic namaste


hope heal honour hugs hand held harmonize hallow host herald heart heroes honesty holiness hug hipster hands help humanity healing harmony health happiness humans host highest hospitality humility humus halo humor heaven head honey heightened hooray heartful hopeful helpful honest handy healing healthful harmonious heartwarming heroic humane hearty highest hallowed hallelujah honourable holistic hospitable humble holographic happy honouring


magnificent merriment marriage mesmerize meditate mellow magical meaningful matter mystery meaning magick marry miracle magnificence marvelous mastery manifest majestic moxie me masterpiece magnanimous melodious mighty marvel man monumental mercy majesty magnetism mirth magnetic meteoric millions melodic mindful miraculous mellifluous merriment maestro moving music mutual melody movement mary metamorphosis metaphysical masterful mystical mother mirror motivation mighty mystic merry muse music multisensory mythic magic musicality


nestle near nurture nourish newborn noble natural nursing navigate nature nectar nutrition nourishment nurse now noble neighborly nonconformist nexus nirvana neutrality neighbor nurturance nudges new nowness navigation nimble nutritious nuanced novel neutral normal next naked numinous noetic namaste