Over the years I have joined with a most wonderful collection of teachers, teachings, and fellow adventurers on pathways and portals of inspiration and revelations contributing to my evolution and expansion, informing who I am and what I share. I am immensely grateful, appreciative, and blessed. Thank you for being in my life!

Emilie Conrad for her love, support, encouragement, mentorship, friendship and evolutionary work of Continuum Movement™.

Consciousness, Meditation
Anadi and his teachings on spiritual wholeness
Dr David Hawkins and his books Letting Go, Discovery of the Presence of God, I, Eye of the I, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Power vs Force
Ken Wapnick and A Course of Miracles
Gary Renard’s book Disappearance of the Universe
Bob Stevens Conscious Language, Body Electronics & other work
John O’Donohue’s Beauty and other books

Somatic Movement & the Arts
Marcella Bottero
Teri Carter
Emma Destrubé
Sandra Erickson
Jessica Fontaine Beaulieu
Debra Franco
Chloe Goodchild and the Naked Voice
Sarah Grace
Jules Heavens
Caryn Heilman
Hanna Heiting
Shayna Jordan
Lynette Kessler
Ellen Lane
Robert Litman
Rebecca Mark
Camille Maurine and Moving Theater
Marilyn Montgomery
Cass Phelps
Joseph Rael’s book Sound
Deborah Raoult
Kim Rosen
Rachel Rosenthal
Jami Sieber
Jean-Claude van Itallie
Sharon Weil

Energy/Quantum Field/Biodynamic Work
Dr Kam Yuen and the Yuen Method
Matrix Energetics
Eric Pearl and Reconnective Healing
Giorgia Milne
Charles Ridley’s book Stillness

Yoga & Marital Arts
Diane Gilbert
Michael Mon Low