Flow & Wellness

For years my inquiry into wellness took me down many paths and I share what I find to be most beneficial ~ content relating to body, mind, spirit, flow, fitness, creativity, joy and play. These and more will be covered in depth in future content and courses.

My inquiry these days is how to live in a place of deep listening, receptivity, and being where creativity and flow arise naturally in all facets of my life.

Here are a few posts I’ve written:

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Much Appreciation to Elaine for featuring me as one of the artists on the Watermark Arts site and to Joanne for the interview at theAppWhisperer.com featuring 12 of my images, Thank You!

I  enjoy making art and images used for prints & artful products. I draw, paint and create images using photos of my paintings, people, animals, nature and urban landscapes.

I created the Threads of Love series of Calendars where 12 themes arrived during the process for me to share. Each calendar includes explorations to play with related to the monthly themes. See Shop for the list of products and links.

Beauty can be found almost anywhere even in the most unexpected places and situations. I see and experience more and more beauty these days as I go through life. What I sense within me and around me inspires what I create and share.

I enjoy the spontaneity within the play of creating whether a meal, a poem, a song or a painting ~ each moment anew with freshness, innocence, discovery. Being in conversation with what is invites unexpected and welcomed surprises. The instrument, medium, tool and technique each has their own unique voice, invoking different facets of my own expression.

The unpredictable, natural, organic forms, textures, colors, light, shadow, space and how they merge and relate inspire what I create. The conversation is on-going and my participation is in concert with whatever I am engaged. Credit is also given to the camera, the subject, the software, the paints, brushes, canvas and environment around me. The context becomes the womb of creation where different elements come together in a moment of time bringing new expression into form.

about me

I was in hardware and software engineering for over 17 years and during that time, as well as before, I enjoyed art of all kinds as a spectator and occasional participant. Since leaving the engineering world in 2003, I have been in ongoing exploration, inquiry, and discovery in somatic movement, meditation and transformational/expressive arts including visual, written, music, sound, movement, and performance.

For over 20 years I played in the somatic movement world and worked extensively with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement™, and many other wonderful teachers. Emilie loved the arts, performance, and creativity of all kinds. The work she created is an ongoing inquiry of life as art and has greatly informed my own journey, process, and what I share.

I am blessed with many amazing teachers, teachings, friends and family to play and explore with and immensely appreciate and am grateful for all I have received and lived so far!. I love to hear from you and your interests, make contact.

Peace~waves, Love~tides & Ever-flowing Grace,
David Gilbert